Thank you for visiting Nationwide Cleaner Jobs. We hope you will be able to find and apply for a domestic cleaning or ironing job in your local area.

Company History - Maid2Clean is a National and Global Brand

Maid2Clean was initially established as a partnership in 1993 and is now listed as a limited company. The business has been successfully franchised to more than 100 franchised businesses throughout the UK, Ireland and Canada. Master Licenses are currently sought in Malaysia, Australia and Africa.

About the Company

Nationwide Cleaner Jobs is the recruitment arm website of and has been set up to be dedicated to allow domestic cleaners to find regular local cleaning and ironing vacancies as well as one-off spring cleans (sometimes known as blitz jobs) in private residential houses. Such cleaning positions are extremely popular for people looking for regular part time or ad-hoc cleaning positions.

Nationwide Cleaners is the place that thousands of cleaners and ironers who are looking to work in private homes for domestic householders find the most local cleaning jobs to them. We provide cleaners and housekeepers with the opportunity to find house cleaning work all over the UK. Predominantly the majority of our cleaning vacancies are domestic cleaning jobs in private residential houses.

Nationwide Cleaners core business is the provision of vetted cleaners to private residential householders for local Maid2Clean traders. The business is organised so that appropriate registered workers can be applied to one or more private residential householders for domestic cleaning duties.

Every domestic cleaning client needs a domestic cleaner to look after their personal cleaning needs. Nationwide Cleaner Jobs allows Maid2Clean cleaners and ironers to cater for your own work needs and in doing so you will be happy to provide friendly, reliable and flexible domestic cleaning service.

Our clients are either to busy and don't have the time to do their own cleaning or they are unable to do the cleaning themselves and so employing a house cleaner and ironer to clean is a way in which they buy back valuable hours that they can spend with their loved ones.